Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Future Worth Working Towards - by Michael Anissimov

A Future Worth Working Towards - by Michael Anissimov

It is a light writing on the future of several critical aspects required for a bright future:
1) More space
2) More health
3) More water
4) More time
5) More intelligence
In all it was an interesting reading.

Some lines I feel like quoting:
"150,000 die per day from age-related disease. 20,000 from heart disease, 17,000 from stroke, 3,450 from traffic accidents, 3,400 die from malaria. In a single day, over 1,200 people will be murdered." 
"Why can we store only 4-9 items in working memory and not 27-30? The answer is that we live on an arbitrary planet and an arbitrary level of intelligence was reached by humanity which enabled us to build a civilization." 
"We should regard the intellect of Homo sapiens as a good first draft — but improvements on that draft are inevitable."

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