Sunday, November 11, 2018

Moody Sunflower - Moving sculpture out of Solar Lamp (YX8018)

I had this idea for a new solar engine a while back, took a while, but finally uploaded the video, but here it is. In this project I hack a Solar lamp's brains, the 4 legged YX8018 chip and turn it into a timer. The 2.5V solar panels charge the capacitor. When the capacitor gets abover a certain threeshold (defined by the Diode and resistors across legs 4,3,2), it triggers a discharge of the capacitor, which in turn charges the smaller capacitors across pins 4 and 1 and loads the motor. The circuit was my creation, but Doug's post @ definately helped out in the begining. Also took some inspiration from Solarbotics, but the circuits there mostly required 5-6V solar panels, which I didn't have. I was able to do some 555 timers (without LED flasher) but in the end, this circuit with the YX8018 was the winner, working within a much larger range of lighting conditions.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Getting MOonRails ready for OSCW

Getting MOonRails ready for OSCW

We just connected an Arduino to the European Space Agency's Mission Control System, the same software that was used to control Rosetta, Sentinels and all other ESOC missions.