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A while ago tried to take the algorithm I used for doodling during meetings and create a software to reproduce it. This was the final result. 
Curiously I stopped doing these doodles once the script was finished. I generated a couple of thousands of these, then selected the best and deleted all others plus the script I used to generate them.




When I decided to learn Android, a Rubik's cube seemed the natural candidate for starting. Unfortunately it got removed due to Copyright problems, my Sudokube however is still available.
The biggest challenge was user interface, but in the end I was able to put out very intuitive apps. Hope you enjoy them.

Sudokube - Sudoku + Rubik's cube.. I did this for fun, hope you enjoy it. It's GPL3.

Aurubik - Rubik cube app
( removed from Google Play due to Copyright infringement)

AurubikLib - Although if the Rubik's cube is trademarked, similar Android apps that require 3x3x3 cubes may use this library and have most of the work cut out ( transformations, user interaction and display ). It's GPL3.

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