Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learning OpenSCAD...

It's decided, one of my first prints has to be a vase :)

I just started playing with OpenSCAD while I wait for the electronics and hot-end:

Not bad for an hour playing around. Let's see how it evolves :)

Meanwhile for the Hot-end I decided for the J Head Nozzle from, I liked it because it's simple, elegant and compatible with the Wade's extruder I already have.

As for the electronics, I've ordered from the German RepRap Foundation ( , they only had version 1.2, while the latest is 1.3 but should be ok for starting.. and it was on stock.
Eventually I want to move to the R2C2 board, but for now I'll be happy when can print the vase above. :)

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  1. Do you have any suggestions for learning OpenSCAD? I've followed a few tutorials over at MakerBot, but they all focus on the bare essentials of moving pieces around and parametrically creating cubes and cones.
    I'm looking for a book or guide that can help me learn how to take a 2D cad drawing and model it up into something real.