Friday, June 3, 2011

TMS: Deactivating brain parts, makes it more powerful?!?

The research of a test in which a research subject was asked to draw a picture of a
dog four times, at different stages of his exposure to transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Found this interesting links while reading The Singularity is Near from Ray Kurzweil:

Savant for a day (
Shows that maybe Savant syndrome can be induced.

TMS: Twilight Zone Science (
A bit more detailed than the above, but still worth the reading.
"The technology at the core of professor Allan Snyder's experiments to boost creative intelligence,transcranial magnetic stimulation, is behind some pretty wacky claims. Subjects in experiments byDr. Michael Persinger, of Laurentian University, believe they felt the presence of God, or some similar mystical experience." - 04.18.02

Added that to some searches and found these below. I find the combined knowledge to be mind blowing :)

Jason Padgett - Brutal Attack results in Savant Syndrome

Daniel Tammet - The Boy With The Incredible Brain

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